• Open Source Software: An Approach to Controlling Usage and Risk in Application Ecosystems
    Stan Zajdel, Diego Elias Costa, Hafedh Mili.
    In SPLC'22: International Systems and Software Product Line Conference, 2022.

    Pre-print soon.

  • On Wasted Contributions: Understanding the Dynamics of Contributor-Abandoned Pull Requests.
    SayedHassan Khatoonabadi, Diego Elias Costa, Rabe Abdalkareem, Emad Shihab.
    ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM), 2022.

    Pre-print Dataset

  • A case study on the stability of performance tests for serverless applications.
    Simon Eismann, Diego Elias Costa, Lizhi Liao, Cor-Paul Bezemer, Weiyi Shang, Andre van Hoorn, Samuel Kounev.
    Journal of Software and Systems (JSS).

    Pre-print Replication Package

  • Toward the Personalization of Biceps Fatigue Detection Model For Gym Activity: An Approach to Utilize Wearables’ Data From The Crowd.
    Mohamed Elshafei, Diego Elias Costa, and Emad Shihab.
    Sensors Journal: Applications of Body Worn Sensors and Wearables.



  • Towards Using Package Centrality Trend to IdentifyPackages in Decline.
    Suhaib Mujahid, Diego Elias Costa, Rabe Abdalkareem, Emad Shihab, Bram Adams, Aymen Saied.
    IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

    Pre-print Replication Package

  • Human Activity Recognition: A Comparative Study to Assess the Contribution Level of Accelerometer, ECG, and PPG Signals
    Mahsa Sadat Afzali Arani, Diego Elias Costa , Emad Shihab.
    Sensors Journal: Sensors Technology and Machine Learning for Human Activity Recognition.


  • Dependency Smells in JavaScript Projects.
    Abbas Jafari, Diego Elias Costa, Rabe Abdalkareem, Emad Shihab, and Nikolaos Tsantalis.
    IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE).

    Pre-print Replication Package

  • How do developers use the Java Stream API?
    Joshua Nostras, Juan Pablo Sandoval, Diego Elias Costa, Alexandre Bergel.
    In ICCSA'21: International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications.


  • A Comparison of Natural Language Understanding Platforms for Chatbots in Software Engineering.,
    Ahmad Abdellatif, Khaled Badran, Diego Costa, and Emad Shihab.
    IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE).

    Pre-print Replication Package

  • On the Use of Dependabot Security Pull Requests
    Mahmoud Alfadel, Diego Elias Costa, Emad Shihab.
    In MSR'21: in International Conference on Mining Software Repositories.

    Pre-print Replication Package

  • How Effective is Continuous Integration in Indicating Single-Statement Bugs?
    Jasmine Latendresse, Rabe Abdalkareem, Diego Elias Costa, Emad Shihab.
    In MSR'21: in International Conference on Mining Software Repositories - Mining Challenge track.

    Pre-print Replication Package

  • Empirical Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in Python Packages
    Mahmoud Alfadel, Diego Elias Costa, Emad Shihab.
    ICSME: IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering.

    Pre-print Replication Package

  • Breaking Type-Safety in Go: An Empirical Study on the Usage of the unsafe Package.
    Diego Costa, Suhaib Mujahid, Rabe Abdalkareem, and Emad Shihab.
    IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE).

    Pre-print Replication Package Video

  • On the Impact of Biceps Muscle Fatigue in Human Activity Recognition.
    Mohamed Elshafei, Diego Costa, Emad Shihab.
    Sensors Journal: Physical Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Sensors.



  • Memory and resource leak defects and their repairs in Java projects
    Mohammad Ghanavati, Diego Costa, Janos Seboek, David Lo, and Artur Andrzejak.
    Empirical Software Engineering journal (EMSE), vol. 25, 678–718.


  • Challenges in Chatbot Development: A Study of Stack Overflow Posts
    Ahmad Abdellatif, Diego Costa, Khaled Badran, Rabe Abdalkareem, and Emad Shihab.
    In MSR'20: *International Conference on Mining Software Repositories*, 12 pages, 174-185, 2020.

    Pre-print Replication Package


  • What’s Wrong With My Benchmark Results? Studying Bad Practices in JMH Benchmarks
    Diego Costa, C. Bezemer, P. Leitner and A. Andrzejak.
    IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE).

    Pre-print SpotJMGBugs Replication Package Video

  • Benchmark-driven Software Performance Optimization
    Diego Costa
    Ph.D. thesis. 2019


  • Enhancing Commit Graphs with Visual Runtime Clues.
    Juan P. S. Alcocer, Harold C. Jaimes, Diego Costa, Alexandre Bergel and Fabian Beck,
    In VISSOFT'19: Working Conference on Software Visualization.


  • Agile construction of data science DSLs (tool demo).
    Artur Andrzejak, Kevin Kiefer, **Diego Costa**, and Oliver Wenz.
    In GPCE'19: ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Generative Programming: Concepts and Experiences

    Pre-print NLDSL VSCode Plugin


  • CollectionSwitch: a framework for efficient and dynamic collection selection.
    Diego Costa and Artur Andrzejak.
    In CGO'18: International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization

    Pre-print CollectionSwitch

  • Memory and resource leak defects in Java Projects: an empirical study.
    Mohammadreza Ghanavati, Diego Costa, Artur Andrzejak, and Janos Seboek.
    In ICSE-C'18: International Conference on Software Engineering: Companion Proceeedings.


  • Heterogeneous subgraph features for information networks.
    Andreas Spitz, Diego Costa, Kai Chen, Jan Greulich, Johanna Geiß, Stefan Wiesberg, and Michael Gertz.
    In GRADES-NDA '18: ACM SIGMOD Joint International Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences \& Systems and Network Data Analytics

    Pre-print Website


  • Empirical Study of Usage and Performance of Java Collections.
    Diego Costa, Artur Andrzejak, Janos Seboek, and David Lo.
    In ICPE'17: ACM/SPEC on International Conference on Performance Engineering.

    Open-Access CollectionBench


  • ORPLocator: Identifying Read Points of Configuration Options via Static Analysis.
    Zhen Dong, Artur Andrzejak, David Lo and Diego Costa.
    In ISSRE'16: International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering.



  • Characterization of Dynamic Memory Allocations in Real-World Applications: An Experimental Study.
    Diego Costa and Rivalino Matias Jr.
    In MASCOTS'15: IEEE International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems


  • A Systematic Differential Analysis for Fast and Robust Detection of Software Aging.
    Rivalino Matias, Artur Andrzejak, Fumio Machida, Diego Costa and Kishor Trivedi.
    In SRDS'14: IEEE International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems.


  • Experimental and theoretical analyses of memory allocation algorithms.
    Diego Costa, Rivalino Matias, Marcia Fernandes, and Lucio Borges.
    In SAC'14: ACM Symposium on Applied Computing